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Uriah Gold is a young artist with a presence that embodies today's beloved R&B Pop stars with a voice that pays tribute to the mow-town and blues legends of the 20th century. Born in Riverside by the name Joseph Perry, he was soon exposed to a large variety of music ranging from Hip-hop, Rock, Doo-wop, R&B, and Pop; all of which contribute to his creative process when in the studio. Having been the product of a failed teen romance, Uriah was familiar with the emotional turmoil love can bring as well as the songs that empathized that turmoil. In Uriah’s upcoming single “Say Goodbye to the Old Me”, he blends the feelings of  and ambition to help showcase his vocal ability while at the same time telling a story to his listeners. Uriah stresses the idea of coherent storytelling in his music so that people can feel less alone while listening just as many artists did for him. Although his passion for music was always definite, Uriah hid his vocal ability from the world until he performed and won his high school talent show. It was this life changing accomplishment that embarked Uriah on his journey to success. Now Uriah continues to establish his signature sound with original songs like "Strawberry" and "Say Goodbye to the Old Me".Uriah Goldis currently working hard in the studio with hopes of becoming a renowned song writer working with artist who share the same love of music as he does. Of course, Uriah will still be releasing his own music and continue to become the best version of himself. 

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I am an independent singer/songwriter who specializes in song orchestration and arangement. My lyrics typically discuss heartbreak, hope, and self evaluation. I have worked in collaborative/independent song writing creating songs for college short films and my own original music. 


 My style of singing is inspired from Mo-town vocalist from the 1950's as well as modern day Pop/R&B singers. I grew up teaching myself to sing by watching live performances from artist such as James Brown, P!nk, and Bruno Mars. In 2019 I enrolled in Musicians Institute where I recived professional vocal training.

Melody Writing 

By using my knowledge of harmony and chord progression I am able to compose melodies that perfectly illustrate the emotion of a song. I pride myself on my ability to blend sounds and pitches that help my listeners be fully immersed with my music.  

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Tel: 903-368-0449



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